Skills Summary and Bio

Executive Level Positions

Healthcare and Corrections

  • Ex VP of Marketing, Sales, and Government Relations for Correctional Healthcare Companies
  • Ex VP of Marketing for Sentinel Offender Services, LLC
  • Ex VP for Business Development for BI Inc. (now GEO)
  • CEO and Founder of Peregrine Correction, Incorporated
  • Founder and CEO of Anderson Corrections Consulting, Incorporated


  • Regional Office Director for Colorado Public Defender’s Office
  • Founder and Senior Partner of Anderson & Olson, Attorneys At Law
  • General Counsel for Action (an agency of US Federal Government)
  • Senior Partner and Lead Litigation Attorney for Anderson & Associates, Attorneys at Law

Education & Credentials

  • BS in Business Accounting, Colorado State University
  • JD in Law, University of Colorado School of Law
  • Licensed to Practice in Colorado and US District and Appellate Courts
  • Certified MRT Trainer


  • Designing new marketing campaigns, rapid recurring revenue growth strategies and retention of current customer programs
  • Sales growth revenue engine design implementation & tracking
  • Creating specializes marketing and sales strategies for companies requiring rapid organic growth
  • Integrating newly companies into existing organizations
  • Law and complex litigation
  • Correctional behavioral treatment program development
  • Complex government sales and bid processes

Where Jim Can Help Your Business

  • Rapid design and implementation of expanded revenue growth strategies
  • Designing and implementing marketing and sales divisions for companies entering and going through the acquisition process
  • Managing marketing and sales organizations through critical company transitions
  • Communicating to investors, customers, employees, and executive team the full value proposition of the company

Success Stories

  • Helped design, establish and lead new marketing, sales, and gov’t relations organization through private equity recapitalization, six company acquisition and growth consolidation, and sale to strategic partner ($50M - $800M) @ Correctional Healthcare Companies
  • VP of Business Development and Marketing, led a one-year development effort to win a Department of Homeland Security competitive bid contract, which by 2009, was worth almost $90 million in yearly revenue to the company.  This program currently supervises over 25,000 illegal aliens going through the deportation process.
  • Sold start-up company to national community corrections company; became head business development and marketing and was a key strategist during four separate P/E tractions that ultimately lead the companies sale to a multibillion dollar strategic buyer