"Small Business" Business Profile

($1.5M to $5M annual revenue)

Every business is different. Here's where we think you are:

  • You've overwhelmed your resources. Success is a double-edged sword.
  • You're wearing too many hats. You need help in different areas, but can't quite afford it.
  • Running the business is running your life. Operations is not the only department in your business, but it's the only one that really matters.
  • It's tough out there. The competition is stronger than ever. 

Here's where you want to go:

  • Predictable revenue. You'd like reliable sustainable monthly income, not just floods and droughts.
  • Move to management. You'd like to spend your time growing the business, not just running it.
  • Diversify your offering. You need to stand out from your competitors if you're going to be successful.
  • Increase revenue. Do we need to explain this one?

How do you get there?

  • Strategic planning
  • Business & Revenue growth plan
  • Milestones & tracking
  • Grow revenue
  • Find a revenue partner

Help has arrived for Small Businesses like you.

nTandm Revenue Partners, LLC is a Colorado-based firm of highly-experienced sales and marketing executives
who create and implement powerful revenue growth strategies for companies.

Start Your Engine

Our unique Refined Revenue Engine™ model is a proven system of using Assessment, Planning and Design, Implementation, and Operation to bring to our clients an accelerated growth process that is fully in tune with company and financial goals.

Get Your Revenue Right


To fully understand the state of your business, nTandm Revenue Partners will utilize our TeleMicro Assessment to quickly provide an in-depth assessment of customers, processes, personnel, mission, vision, current campaigns, growth strategies, and revenue history, existing resources, techniques, talent, and sales & marketing strategies. 

Plan and Design

nTandm will work with company management and appropriate stakeholders to define growth expectations and review initial assessment findings to create a customized nT Success Plan and the Refined Revenue Engine to achieve stated goals.


nTandm Principals will insert the necessary tools, templates, software, training, research, incentives, and tracking, as defined in the nT Success Plan™. This customized plan may include CRM software, refined messaging, website redesign, social marketing strategies, new personnel, executive participation plan, customer and industry surveys, automated lead generation techniques, or a host of other "best of class" growth tactics.


On a daily basis from inside the client's company, nTandm Principals join the executive team as leaders of the growth effort. Our hands-on involvement includes attending customer meetings, advising senior leadership, preparing materials and participating in investor meetings, tracking progress toward goals, and revising and replacing growth strategies as needed.


"Small Business" Service Package from nTandm

nTandm Revenue Partners has helped dozens of hard-working entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level, including retail, food, entertainment, healthcare, corrections, personal services, and many more.

Two-year Revenue Growth Plan

Initial Activities

  • TeleMicro Basic sales growth assessment
  • Business planning strategy session
  • Formalize customized plan
  • Ongoing Activities

  • Routine progress meetings and activities
  • Capture and review results with management
  • Web & Social Media Kickstart/Revamp

    Initial Activities

  • Evaluate current web presence (TeleMicro Basic)
  • Create/optimize website and social media strategy
  • Paid advertisement strategy (AdWords, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • Ongoing Activities

  • Track website traffic and customer behavior to increase conversions
  • Routine meetings to discuss updates to online content/strategies
  • Customer Nurture and Retention Strategy

    Initial Activities

  • Evaluate current customer retention activities (TeleMicro Basic)
  • Formalize customer retention plan (customer lists, specials, promos)
  • Initiate current customer info collection procedures (basic CRM)
  • Ongoing Activities

  • Routine strategy meetings to evaluate success of programs
  • Monitor and tweak customer retention strategies
  • Customer Capture Strategy & Campaign

    Initial Activities

  • Evaluate current customer selling strategy (e.g. ads, website, salesforce, trade shows, campaigns)
  • Review financial data including historical and projected
  • Determine industry growth benchmarks
  • Develop PR strategies and campaigns
  • Ongoing Activities

  • Develop customized strategies to reach customers
  • Routine meetings to discuss effectiveness of strategies
  • Customer Relationship Management

    Initial Activities

  • Evaluate current CRM (if any)
  • Install CRM with company-specific customizations
  • Track and manage salesperson CRM usage
  • Ongoing Activities

  • Create and distribute management dashboards
  • shutterstock_485124424.jpg

    Customer Mapping & Targeting

    Initial Activities

  • Evaluate current customer demographics
  • Create profiles of ideal customer types
  • Develop strategies to reach specific customer types/areas
  • Prioritize and target ideal customers
  • Ongoing Activities

  • Track customer behavior and determine successful strategy updates

    Why Choose nTandm?


    We are a fully-capable professional marketing department at your fingertips...no matter your company's size.

    We charge fixed monthly charges and engage in fixed contract terms to protect your bottom line.

    We are not consultants. We work directly with you to implement the strategies and activities that we recommend.