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Jim Anderson, Principal, Chief Marketing Officer

As a creative leader in a number of professional fields and business, Jim helped numerous companies and individuals succeed in reaching their business and professional goals.  He brings passion, a strong desire to succeed, and a drive to create excellence in all the opportunities he has taken on in his career.  

Healthcare and Corrections:

  • Ex VP of Marketing, Sales, and Government Relations for Correctional Healthcare Companies

  • Ex VP of Marketing for Sentinel Offender Services, LLC

  • Ex VP for Business Development for BI Inc. (now GEO)

  • CEO and Founder of Peregrine Correction, Incorporated

  • Founder and CEO of Anderson Corrections Consulting, Incorporated

Legal and Corrections: As a practicing litigation attorney for over twenty-two years, a former Executive VP for Marketing & Sales Executive for three major national corrections companies and his program designs have been implemented in numerous jurisdictions with excellent results. He established a Community Corrections Division of his company and grew it from $3 Million per year to over $35 Million.  And as VP of Business Development and Marketing, Jim led a one-year development effort to win a Department of Homeland Security competitive bid contract, which by 2009, was worth almost $90 million in yearly revenue to the company.  This program currently supervises over 25,000 undocumented individuals going through the deportation process.

Mergers and Acquisitions: Jim has been involved in over twenty sale, merger, acquisition, and recapitalization transactions as a seller, buyer, integrator of new acquisitions, and a consultant; he has developed, prepared and presented all manner of seller support documentation (including legal and financial documents) during the sale processes. 

State and Federal Government: Jim has worked extensively with state and county governments to better understand the enormous corrections problems that exist in our country and has opened private corrections supervision and treatment centers in numerous counties across the US to help alleviate jail overcrowding through “alternative to jail” programs for sentenced misdemeanants, pre-trail defendants, probation violators and homeless offenders held in county jails, including the mentally ill and undocumented alien populations.

Government Relations: Jim has supervised the work of numerous lobbyists and consultants to help his clients grow as well as enact new legislation. His efforts directly helped implement highly effective recidivism reduction programs in over one-hundred federal, state and local jurisdictions.  He has authored numerous articles on alternative sentencing practices and spoken to a variety of corrections conferences.

Where Jim Can Help Your Business

  • Rapid design and implementation of expanded revenue growth strategies

  • Designing and implementing marketing and sales divisions for companies entering and going through the acquisition process

  • Managing marketing and sales organizations through critical company transitions

  • Communicating to investors, customers, employees, and executive team the full value proposition of the company

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Barrett Webb, Principal, Chief Creative Officer

With over fifteen years of experience in marketing, promotions, and proposals, Barrett understands what it takes to distill complex messaging and provide effective and impactful growth tools in an abbreviated timeframe. Throughout his career in the healthcare, correctional healthcare, and publishing industries, he has focused on creating concise and meaningful customized content while establishing streamlined processes to simplify their development.

During his tenure, each of Barrett's three previous employers experienced rapid growth and were purchased soon afterward. From a publishing company with eight employees to corporations with more employees than that in their marketing departments, Barrett was instrumental in the sales acceleration that contributed to their successful acquisition.

As Senior Proposal and Design Manager for Correctional Healthcare Companies and Proposal Manager for Policy Studies Inc., Barrett has written and designed original content for over 200 correctional and public healthcare proposals, lead generation campaigns, websites, marketing materials, press releases, advertisements, trade shows and special events, and book and catalog publications.

Katya Bazhenova, Marketing and Business Development Associate

Katya is nTandm’s marketing and business development associate. She was born in Central Asia and has lived all over the world including Uzbekistan, Russia, Malta, and the United States. She attended Moscow State University where she earned a Master’s degree in Communications before moving to the United States to pursue a master’s degree from the University of Colorado at Denver in Marketing, the field that is closest to her heart.

Katya has always had a passion for growing companies through revenue driven marketing projects. She built and continues to manage a business that improves how companies are perceived by their customers. She does this by creating strong corporate social responsibility initiatives that bridge the gap between the public and private sectors – using marketing materials as the catalyst.

All in all, Katya has:

  • Six years of international experience in countries that include the US, Russia, and UK

  • Three years of event planning experience for a Global 500 banking and financial services company where she organized international events and conferences of up to 200 people.

  • Technical experience with Web Design and App Development

Katya joined nTandm in 2018 and is really excited to be part of this professional marketing team!


Dave Gyurina, Associate, Marketing, Media and Public Relations

Dave has over 30 years of experience in Media, PR, Marketing, Retail & Communications Management. As the founder of his own agency – Gyroglyphics, he brings to us a unique expertise and expanded perspective to many of our clients. During his 14-year tenure with Estey-Hoover he helped dozens of clients achieve their goals of increased exposure, improved positioning, creative branding and sales growth. His dynamic background as a professional radio personality, reporter, copywriter and producer gives him special insight when it comes to radio, video and media production projects. Having worked on the client, media and agency sides of the table, Dave has a 360° view of how projects and campaigns come together, develop and succeed.

Specialized Skills & Experience

  • Published editor, writer and voice- over professional

  • PR specialist for special events, entertainment, non-profit, sports and health/nutrition

  • Professional radio reporter, on-air talent and producer for traffic/news/sports

  • Specialist in Cable/TV/Radio media and production

  • Written/produced or voiced over 75 radio/TV commercials

  • Proud father of 5 and still standing

Professional Highlights

  • Founder/President/Creative Catalyst at Gyroglyphics Advertising & Public Relations

  • Vice President – Media & PR: Estey-Hoover Advertising & PR

  • Announcer/Producer/Writer; Clear Channel Communications

  • Western Region Marketing Manager; "The Super Show" International Sports Trade Show

  • Advertising Sales Manager; Group W & Paragon Cable Television

  • Owner/President; Irvine Sports Stop Retail Stores

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Mack Weathers, Principal, Chief Sales Officer

Mack is a senior sales executive, sales manager and salesman with a roll up your sleeves and get involved approach.  Mack enjoys the challenge of auditing/retooling/establishing: sales deal team functionality, sales skill and behavioral change training, sales goals/quotas motivation and accountability, targeting metrics, sales deal pipeline management, key message marketing collaboration, and executive leadership monitoring tools. Mack has been invited to review and troubleshoot sales processes over a wide range of industries, with a focus on complex revenue contracts with extended sales cycles.  Core competencies include Business Development, Deal Stage Quality Improvement, Client Relations/Contract Renewals, Account/Territory/Quota Management, Product Marketing/Branding, Start-Ups & Turnarounds, Sales Forecasting, Market Analysis, Sales Team analysis and skills assessment, Project & Change Management, and Strategic Planning.

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Ian Edwards, Associate, Sales Strategy and Execution

Ian assists individuals and teams around the world to increase the velocity and volume of profitable deals.  Deal sizes successfully coached have ranged from tens of thousands to over $4B. He has worked in the areas of high tech (e.g. HP, Microsoft, Oracle), professional services (e.g. Accenture, Mercer, Kearney), Pharma, Manufacturing, Retail and others.

He has assisted with all aspects of selling: effective leadership, sales process optimization, market strategy, account planning, filling pipelines, moving deals and closing deals. Ian has enabled sales growth through a mixture of assessing, consulting, training and live deal coaching.

We have strategic, creative, and vendor partners who can assist us in a number of critical business areas at the drop of a hat. Here are a few examples of key partnerships we maintain.

  • Private Equity Strategy - Doug Goetz, Quartz Creek Capital, LLC of Denver, CO
  • Business Strategy/International - Rajeev Rawat, BI Results, LLC of Boulder, CO
  • Training - Franklin Covey Success Sales Group of Salt Lake City, UT
  • Personnel Analytics - Lloyd Gottman, Synergetic Systems, LLC of Littleton, CO
  • Financial - Steve Appel, CPA, of Winter Park, FL
  • Sales Program Design/Analytics - John Keykowski of Denver, CO
  • Staffing - Creative Group of Denver, CO
  • Legal - Rick Norris, Esq., Norris Law Firm of Orlando, FL
  • Marketing Tools - Adobe, Squarespace, TurboPress
  • Sales Tools - Salesforce, Profile XT