Too busy running your business to grow it? Putting out operational fires while letting sales and growth take a backseat? In many companies, sustained sales and growth potential only get real attention when the company has reached a critical stage: time to sell or recapitalize. If you're entering this process, growth must be a priority in order to emerge with a financially beneficial transaction.


Common Revenue-Related Needs for Companies Anticipating or Entering the Acquisition or Recapitalization Process

  • Aggressive expanded organic growth
  • Scalable processes
  • Sales performance enhancement
  • Sales team training and motivation
  • Brand definition
  • Brand consolidation/integration
  • Value proposition/message refinement
  • Customer management role definition
  • Sales/Operations role definition
  • Accelerated short-term growth plans

Getting to Work

nTandm provides an executive sales and marketing management team to provide hands-on design, oversight, and implementation of the targeted strategies and tools as part of our Refined Revenue Enginemodel. 

Unlike traditional consulting firms who will study your business and produce a long-winded report, at nTandm Revenue Partners we design a comprehensive short-term growth plan that will produce immediate results in the shortest time-frame.  And then, we get to work implementing that plan with you from inside your company.  

Investors want to see  – within a short period of time  a sense of urgency toward

  • creating consistent and strong revenues (new and existing customers)
  • quality sales leadership and accountable sales execution
  • unique product offerings and branding
  • a scalable business with lots of room to grow

Common nTandm Marketing and Sales Support Activities

  • Strategic Branding Activities
  • Sales Training / Individual Coaching
  • CRM / Custom Sales Dashboards
  • Powerpoint Templates / Presentation Support
  • Big Data Analysis / Marketing Segmentation
  • Website Design
  • Trade Show Management
  • RFP / Proposal Responses
  • Merger Integration Activities
  • Marketing Collateral Writing/Design