Focus on the Finish Line

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Our client companies are those involved in the most critical stage faced by virtually every business: the sale, recapitalization, or acquisition of the company. 

Why focus on companies in these stages?

When a business is recapitalizing or anticipating its sale, management must prepare for a major shift in strategy. Among the most challenging elements are: 

  • Focus on key "sellability" factors
    • Financial performance/cash flow
    • Value proposition/differentiators
    • Rapid sales growth expectations
    • Customer satisfaction
  • Short-term vs. long-term investments
  • Increased scrutiny from investor entities
  • Need for discretion regarding the process
  • Short timeframe and EBITDA pressure

These new challenges for management are in addition to ongoing operations and responsibilities.

Successful companies in this unique but vital event reach out to professionals who are experienced in this critical financial stage for expert help.

Immediate Revenue Impact

Unlike traditional consultants, we not only assess and build a strategic sales plan, we step directly into the company to implement high-impact sales growth initiatives - the nTandm Refined Revenue Engine™.

What is an nTandm Refined Revenue Engine?

For all of our clients, we build an nTandm Refined Revenue Engine that synchronizes strategy, processes, content, technology, and analytics to maximize sales growth. We build upon, enhance, and integrate successful existing personnel, projects, and campaigns, all while looking for ways to eliminate inefficiencies.

Once implemented, the nTandm Refined Revenue Engine™ produces maximum growth results that speed the time to the liquidity event.

Full Team at Half the Cost


We are invested in your success. As "risk equity" partners, the majority of our fees come from deferred compensation following a successful transaction. 

How can you protect your bottom line while simultaneously making critical growth investments ?

We understand that cash flow and other financial aspects take precedent when entering into the sale/acquisition process. At the same time, certain key improvements require short-term targeted investments to hasten and ensure a successful transaction

Highly functional growth teams require significant investments. Our client companies benefit from a full in-house executive Sales and Marketing leadership team at a fraction of the cost.

This structure dramatically enhances EBITDA, short-term revenue goals, P&L, and cash flow for the business.